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Newbie Fic!

Hi! First time writing JoA anything. Hope All Y'all like it. :)

Title: I Fall and Hope To Be Saved. (I think that's a line in a song, anyone know what song?)
Author: Bloodanna
Words: 100
Prayers: Judith

I steal.
I run.
I fall.
And an angel lifts me to my feet.
She's beautiful with golden hair whipped by the wind and clothing that only she could pull off.
She's strong; lifting me from a dark place no one else had ever been able to reach, while never dropping her oddly checkered lamp.
Plus she's sane which you never see, at least not around here.
She smiles and the ice wall I had built around myself melts.
"Hi! I'm Joan." She chirps and holds out her hand.
I stand before her showing strength where there is none.
"Judith." I say, shaking her hand and hoping to be saved.
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