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Arcadia 100

Snippets and Moments

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Welcome one and all to Arcadia 100! Since I couldn't find a drabble community for it, I decided to make one myself.

Want to play? Here's how:

1. A drabble is a short fic, 100 words in length...no more, no less.

2. Fics may be any pairing/characters, provided they stick to the challenge/request. Crossovers are allowed, as long as at least one of the characters is from the Joan of Arcadia universe. Any rating is allowed, with appropriate warnings/cut tags. (PLEASE put anything R or over behind a cut!) Slash, het, and gen are all allowed, just indicate what it is in a header so anyone squicked by anything has fair warning.

3. Challenges/topics will be posted weekly, on Friday. You will have until the next Friday to post your challenge responses. (Multiples are welcome!) You can suggest future challenge topics as a comment to the original challenge post.

4. Challenge responses should be their own post (i.e., not a reply to the challenge), with the challenge number in the subject.

5. For each drabble that has 100 words, you can choose a character from the series to get a "prayer". The character with the most "prayers" will win for that week. (This is like the chocolates that x_men100 gives out.)

6. If you put your drabble(s) behind a cut, please give us some indication what characters/genre it is. (Please don't cut it if it's just one drabble, and it's not R+ -- loading a whole new page for 100 words is a bit

7. Posting your drabble here gives us permission to archive it on a community-related web site in the future.

8. No flaming. Play nice.

9. Please, no off-topic or introductory posts. Feel free to introduce yourself by way of posting a first drabble, though!

So, want to write a few drabbles? We'd love to have you.